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Mrs. Ally            Mrs. Kate
Ms. Beli              Ms. Katelyn
Mrs. Erika          Mrs. Sandra
Mrs. Janel         Ms. Tico
Mrs. Jenn          Mrs. Yenny

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Exploring Trees: Creative Curriculum Tree Unit

Conrad students explored our first unit of study with our Creative Curriculum. The first unit was focused on "Trees". Each unit runs for approximately 6 weeks, so be on the lookout for fun art, activities, and ideas coming home. Please talk to your child and encourage them to tell you what they are learning about here, and make those connections at home too!

Conrad's Big Kids

Conrad partners with FFCHS to support the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program for Junior & Senior students. FFCHS teachers recommend excellent candidates for working with young children. Applications are screened by FFCHS & Conrad staff. FFCHS students are supervised at all times by Conrad staff.